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parking lot lighting

Parking Lot Lighting for Knoxville Businesses from the LES Facility Service Experts

Parking lot lighting, outdoor sign repair and LED retrofits must be serviced and maintained. Without it, your business will suffer. From parking lot lights and installation to repair and service, LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., is ready to go to work when you are. You’ll get efficient outdoor lighting and the best prices for your Knoxville location.

Parking Lot Lighting with the Best Lighting Systems

LES Facility Service is proud to install, maintain, and service Trydon® parking lot lighting systems. If you are running your Knoxville area plant on an outdated system, ask the team from LES Facility Service about LED retrofits. Running more economically and efficiently means more profit at the end of the year.

LED Parking Lot Lighting

LED parking lot lights are used for neighborhoods, downtown areas, building grounds, walkways and of course, parking lots. Parking lot lights from LES Facility Service allow you to have control over your energy. Ask about LED retrofits for your facility.

Having efficient outdoor lighting is the best solution as it is good for your  business and good for the environment. Going green is easy in Knoxville with LED retrofits from Trydon® lighting systems and LES Facility Service.

Ask LES Facility Service about a maintenance agreement for your parking lot lighting because it saves time and money. As a result, you will benefit.

Parking Lot Lighting for Every Site

Because every business needs good lighting to have a productive workday. LES Facility Service offers LED retrofits, outdoor sign repair and Egress lighting for every commercial facility. Faulty wiring and lighting aren’t just annoying. It can be downright dangerous. If a problem occurs, a fire is inevitable.

Keeping the lights on is easy with LES Facility Service. Take care of your lighting systems, and your guests and staff will feel safe. Most people take safety for granted until disaster strikes.

Parking Lot Lighting LED Retrofits for Efficient Outdoor Lighting

One call does it all for Knoxville, Tennessee facility maintenance. Call LES Facility Service for a no obligation parking lot lighting quote. You will save time and money. Call now.

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