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Portable Power for Knoxville events in a Quiet Package

Portable power for outings and events doesn’t have to be noisy and offensive. With a Generac portable power generator, you’ll be the most well-liked vendor at your next Knoxville event.

Why Use an Event Generator for Portable Power

There is nothing more annoying than listening to thirty or more event generators going at the same time. With a new Generac event generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., you won’t have to worry about yelling at the top of your lungs just to sell a jar of preserves.

Every small generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service in Knoxville is built to last. With regular service and maintenance, your portable generator could last for ten years or more. Talk to the team from Lloyd’s Electric Service about a maintenance agreement for your power generator.

Portable Power Generator for Small Events

Small outdoor events and functions don’t always have electricity at their fingertips. As a result, many event planners in Knoxville rely on portable power if the wedding reception or 50th-anniversary party is in the middle of the desert or on the top of a mountain. An event generator that is quiet and functional is an event planner’s best friend and should be yours too.

Generac portable power generators are easy to operate, clean and transport. A portable generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service really is portable and doesn’t take three strong men to move.

Portable Power for Camping

Events aside, portable generators are a must have for avid Knoxville area campers. If you like to venture out of the commercial campgrounds, you’ll need a generator that is quiet and dependable.

If you are staying in a campground surrounded by other campers that don’t have power, you’ll be glad you bought a quiet package. So will your fellow campers.

For the most dependable portable power in Knoxville call and talk to Lloyd’s Electric Service. Summer is on the way and that means events and camping. Order your event generator today.

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