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thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging Offers Insight in Greeneville Facility Management

Thermal imaging is a major aspect of modern facility maintenance management. Used for a variety of purposes from identifying failing machine components to spotting HVAC condensate leaks and faulty roofing, thermal imaging gives techs the ability to see that which cannot be seen (with the naked eye, that is).

Thermal Imaging Technology

As humans, our eyes can only detect electromagnetic radiation within the visible light spectrum.
However, there are other forms of electromagnetic radiation that we can’t see, such as infrared. Thermal imaging cameras record radiation levels within the infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The camera then digitally converts the measurements into a visible image. These images provide far more detailed information than the thermometers normally used in facilities. The high level of detail gives precise clues about how systems are performing and where problems may be developing.

LES Facility Service uses thermal scanning to help identify and prevent potential problems in HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical systems. Greenville area facilities from processing plants and factories to hospitals, hotels, and apartment complexes can benefit from a thermal imaging inspection to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., specializes in thermal imaging inspections for facilities in Greenville, Tennessee. The professional, safety certified men and women from LES Facility Service are always current on all building codes and regulations. You can depend on a thoroughly conducted inspection complete with checklist items for review and minimal disruption to operations.

Beyond thermal imaging, LES Facility Service provides a full spectrum of facility services designed to streamline facility maintenance for our Greeneville clients and help their businesses grow and thrive. Whether it’s time to think about a network upgrade to simplify system management, a new commercial HVAC unit, energy solutions, site lighting, electrical, or emergency repairs at the drop of a dime, call LES Facility Service.

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