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Lighting Design for Safety and Style in Greeneville, Tennessee

Your lighting design needs to include egress lighting. Being up to code with the safety regulations is essential if you want to stay in business. If you own a movie theatre and have exit signs that have seen better days, you will probably be fined for it.

Egress Lighting and Retail Lighting for Greeneville Businesses

The lighting design that you use will greatly depend on your facility. LES Facility Service, is a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., and is licensed bonded and insured. Using electrical contractors and master electricians, your Greeneville business can run smoothly without having to worry about changing a light bulb.

Ask LES Facility Service about a facility maintenance agreement. This includes indoor lighting and parking lot lighting. You will have all of your needs taken care of, and best of all, you can choose your agreement whether you prefer an on call, one two three or a five-year agreement.

Lighting Design and Safety

A rustic look may be what you are after. However, if those old hanging bulbs from your local yard sale are included in your new remodel, you will need a professional to install them correctly. All commercial lighting must be up to code. If your lighting is less than you may not be able to reopen for business.

What is Egress Lighting Design?

Emergency lights which are known as egress lights are used to help guide people to get out of the building. Exit signs are normally used with emergency lighting in shopping malls, theatres, or wherever the public is.

If you are looking for lighting solutions for your lighting design in Greeneville, call and talk to LES Facility Service. It pays to work with a licensed professional when it comes to lighting design for safety and style.

Call LES Facility Service for a lighting design quote for your Greeneville business today.

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