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Greeneville Industrial Solutions and Maintenance

Greeneville Industrial Solutions for Today’s World

Industrial maintenance requires the expertise of trained technicians and engineers to safely execute important repairs and procedures. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., provides Greeneville industrial solutions with your facility’s success in mind.

Our expert estimate coordinators, electricians, plumbers, and other professional service providers understand the complexities of industrial maintenance. Our techs receive on the job training and are certified for safety and excellence in their fields. In addition, LES Facility Service is dedicated to conducting business fairly and working closely with clients to prioritize projects and maximize efficiency. As a result, you’ll see reduced costs and improved performance.

From cleaning services to scheduled maintenance, expansions, equipment repair and building maintenance, LES Facility Service has Greeneville industrial solutions for your entire facility. We have the people power and the specialized equipment to help factories, processing plants, and other industrial locations manage infrastructure and systems better. Companies all over the Southeast have depended on the LES Facility Service team to keep them protected and productive since 1982.

Invest in the Long Life of Your Facility

Planned maintenance from LES Facility Service is a worthwhile investment which will solidify the future of your business. We provide a broad range of services to help industrial facilities. Our job is to keep systems and equipment in the best condition to perform efficiently and prevent breakdown. We perform factory shutdowns and turnarounds, lock and tag procedures, thermal scans, and even change filters, handle HVAC and data, and trim your hedges. With LES Facility Service on your side, your industrial site will be safe, code-compliant, and functioning at its best.

Take a simplified approach to facility management. Hire a single company that can provide all the industrial solutions you may need. From regular maintenance to emergency repairs, call LES Facility Service today.

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