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Planned Maintenance is a Plan for Success for Greeneville Facilities

As a Greeneville area facility manager, it’s vital to understand the importance of service. Planned maintenance means you are prepared for the unexpected. With planned maintenance for your facility, you will not have to worry about thermal scanning or filter changes.

Your planned maintenance is scheduled as per your instructions. When you sign a facility maintenance agreement with LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., you and your  Greeneville business will be protected.

What is Planned Maintenance?

A customized maintenance schedule for your facility includes electrical, plumbing, painting, commercial cleaning, construction, lighting, park lot lighting and on-call solutions. Choose your own agreement and schedule your maintenance when you want it.

One of the best things about LES Facility Service in Greeneville is convenience. You can schedule all, or most, of your facility maintenance in the same week or even on the same day. LES Facility Service prides itself on offering friendly customer service at affordable prices.

When you sign on the dotted line with LES Facility Service, you can expect the best of the best. The bonded, insured, and licensed team from LES Facility Service puts you first. When it comes to customer service, you can’t beat LES Facility Service.

Why Do I Need Planned Maintenance?

Putting regular facility maintenance into your budget is a smart idea. If you have ever had an emergency and had to call and on-call solutions company at the last minute it probably cost you. From basic filter changes to more complex tasks such as thermal scanning, planned maintenance keeps your Greeneville, Tennessee company running.

During your scheduled maintenance, you can expect as little disruption as possible to the workplace. If your equipment needs to be shut down, it will be back up and running as soon as is humanly possible.

For the best and most affordable planned maintenance in Greeneville, Tennessee, call LES Facility Service for a quote today.

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