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retail standby generator

Retail Standby Generators Keep Business Lively in Knoxville

Keep the Lights On and the Customers Cozy

Retail standby generators are a must-have piece of equipment for the majority of facilities. Imagine going to the dentist. What if the power went out while you were having a root canal or getting a cavity filled? Without a standby generator, the situation could be uncomfortable, to say the least. An automatic standby generator for commercial use prevents these kinds of scary situations.

No matter the service you provide, the material you produce or the product you sell, a standby generator is a smart investment for every business. A retail standby generator will ensure that your facility remains productive and comfortable in the event of a power outage. LES Facility Service provides complete generator sales, service and installation in Knoxville, Tennessee, and surrounding areas. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the perfect backup power system for your business as well as provide easy financing options and service agreements.

In Knoxville, factories and plants rely on generators to keep important equipment running when the grid is down. Retail standby generators for industrial use require expert installation and maintenance. LES Facility Service staffs a fully trained group of generator specialists to handle installation, maintenance and 24-hour repairs. Our company is a Generac Power Pro Elite dealer. That means we’ve successfully represented the Generac brand name in both sales and service for years. It also means our people receive continuous training in order to bring our clients the newest products and best service.

LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., provides retail standby generator sales and service in addition to a wide range of facility services. Your Knoxville business is our priority. Call or click to find out more about retail standby generators, planned facility maintenance, on-call solutions and the many other ways LES Facility Service can make business better for you.

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