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Solar Solutions for Commercial Facilities in Knoxville

Solar solutions in Knoxville are more affordable than you think, especially when you consider how much you spend every month on electricity. According to LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., there are more advantages to solar than you think.

You’re an Eco-friendly Knoxville Business with Solar Solutions

You are an eco-friendly business with solar solutions from LES Facility Service in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not only are you helping your bottom line, but you are also helping the environment. Commercial facilities in the Knoxville area that rely on solar have seen a huge improvement in their footprint.

With smart solar solutions, your Knoxville facility will not be without power. If Mother Nature should decide to act up, your commercial facility is protected with solar power.

Solar Solutions for all Knoxville Area Facilities

Whether you operate a shopping complex or a bed and breakfast, a solar solution for your Knoxville business provides you with peace of mind. Solar saves time and money, and best of all when you work with LES Facility Service your renewable energy project is a sure success.

Eco-Friendly Business and Solar Solutions

When it comes to solar solutions and eco-friendly business LES Facility Service in Knoxville understands that you can’t do it alone. A solar solution requires a professional to inspect your property to determine where your panels should go and what type of system would be best for you.

Your location is the most important part of solar. You want to make sure the company you use understands solar panel placement.  Placing panels in the wrong place is a disaster.

LES Facility Service for a No Obligation Solar Solution Quote

For the best solar solutions in Knoxville, call LES Facility Service. The insured, licensed, and bonded company is equipped to handle your solar maintenance after the installation.

Call and ask how you can incorporate all of your facility maintenance with a maintenance agreement with LES Facility Service.

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