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Whole Home Generators from Lloyd’s Electric

Whole home generators provide reliable backup electricity for your home or facility. As tough as it may seem, it can be done with the help of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc.


Whole Home Generators and Commercial Generators

Because you need a reliable backup electricity source, choosing the right one is imperative. Second-hand whole home generators may seem like a good idea at the time, just remember, used whole home generators do not come with a warranty.

Lloyd’s Electric Service Pro Power Elite

As a Power Pro Elite dealer, Lloyd’s Electric Service has the training and experience to choose the best whole home generators for your needs. That used generator that you purchased on Craig’s List probably didn’t come with switches or a technician. When you purchase commercial generators and whole home generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service, you will be buying the most reliable backup electricity supply system on the planet.

How to Choose Reliable Whole Home Generators

Lloyd’s Electric Service understands that everyone’s needs differ. By determining how much electricity is required, the team of technicians can install the right whole home generator.

Consumption is the biggest factor when considering home generators and commercial generators. While a six-bedroom house would need more power, a three bedroom home that is running a dozen or more electrical gadgets may need just as much.

Understanding the Cost Factor for Whole Home Generators

When you buy a generator, the price tag isn’t the only cost you’ll incur. Some companies also charge for installation. Ask Lloyd’s Electric about their whole home generator installation and maintenance agreements to see if you qualify for a discount.

Of course, you can do the work yourself, but if you are not a licensed contractor and something goes wrong with the equipment, you will not be covered by the warranty. Before you purchase your whole home generator or commercial generator, factor in the cost of the transfer switch and fuel.

Your reliable backup electricity is a phone call away. Call for a quote today.

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