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Get a Natural Gas Generator for Peace of Mind

A natural gas generator gives peace of mind as a whole-house generator keeps the power going, even when the electricity goes out. With a natural gas generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., you are assured of the best home generator available.

What is a Natural Gas Generator?

Running on LP or natural gas fuel, placed outside of your home, a whole-house generator is just like an air conditioner. The best home generator delivers power to the electrical systems in your home.

A natural gas generator, depending on size, can back up your whole home, or just the essentials. Some whole-house generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service can even power up your TV when lightning strikes and the power goes out.

Best Home Natural Gas Generator

Lloyd’s Electric Service are proud distributors of Generac®, and as Generac® Power Pro Elite dealers have the experience and expertise to select and install the best whole-house generator for your needs.

From small two-bedroom cottages to massive 16-bedroom mansions, Lloyd’s Electric Service is equipped to handle your emergency power needs. Your home office data center, refrigerator and CPAP machine will continue to run throughout the power outage. In fact, you won’t notice a transition.

Is a Natural Gas Generator Expensive?

When you weigh the cost between loss and running a natural gas generator, there is no contest, especially if your entire business depends on records stored on your home computer. Lloyd’s Electric Service works with you to help you find the best home generator for your needs.

Financing is equally important. Lloyd’s Electric Service has financing options available from Synchrony Financial. There is no excuse not to protect yourself and your family against Mother Nature. A whole-house generator also protects your investment against not so natural events that could potentially cause loss.

Remember, if you have a family member who survives on oxygen, a whole-house generator is the only way to go. Because it may come down to power in the end.

Call Lloyd’s Electric Service for a no obligation natural gas generator for your home today.

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