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Home Generators for East Tennessee

Home generators for home standby power are a necessity. An automatic generator is a necessity for saltwater fish tanks that need to be heated 24/7.  Without a generator, you will have problems. The fish tank is just the tip of the iceberg.

Home Generators Are Not All The Same

Home generators are available from various manufacturers, however, only Generac® keeps you going during a power outage. If you have been depending on that portable generator that you bought at a yard sale to keep you safe, you have another thing coming.

Home Generators Installation

Easily installed, some generators run off your natural gas line. Generac® is the leader in home power backup. Your Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. technician will prepare for installation outside of your home before safely installing the generator. After attaching to the LP fuel or natural gas line, a transfer switch is installed for the necessary electrical connections. Tests are performed to make sure your new generator is ready to go for the next power outage once installation is complete.

Do Home Generators Need Service?

Just like any piece of major equipment, generators need maintenance. Not only does regular preventive and corrective maintenance keep the lights on; it also keeps your warranty intact. Without regular service and maintenance, your Generac® Generator guarantee may not be valid.

Home Generators for Home Standby Power

Lloyd’s Electric Service offers Generac® generators for sale that are more affordable than you may think. Best of all, Lloyd’s Electric Service makes it easy with financing options to make the purchase more comfortable for your budget. When you purchase an automatic generator from Generac® and Lloyd’s Electric Service you can relax.

For the best home generators for automatic standby power, nobody does it better than Lloyd’s Electric Service. Call for a no-obligation home generator quote today and stay safe during the storm season.

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