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Inverter Generator Technology for Smart Property Owners

An inverter generator has the ability to take raw power using a microprocessor. The microprocessor conditions it through a series of steps so that the inverter will produce AC power, which converts to DC. According to Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., inverters and converters convert electrical current.

Inverter Generator VS Converter Generator

Converter Technology

A converter converts electric device voltage while alternating between DC, direct current, to AC, alternating current. Conventional converter technology uses a mechanical generator to create AC power. However, converters have two speeds, on, and off meaning converters have to run at 3,600 RPMs regardless of how much power you need. This means a noisier generator and more fuel.

Inverter Generator Technology

An electronic inverter board along with a gas powered generator is used to provide cleaner power. Consequently, you can run your generator at variable speeds. This allows the user to vary the speed based on output. As a result, you will be using less fuel if you are only powering up your TV or refrigerator.

An inverter generator allows you to provide consistent electrical current to your computers and electronic devices preventing damaging power surges.

Inverter technology is stable and consistent. This allows consumers to use more or less power when needed.

Lloyd’s Electric Service advises that you choose quiet generators that have plenty of receptacles for your devices. If your inverter has a USB adapter, you can charge your Smartphone or battery.

An inverter generator offers stability and peace of mind. Once you purchase quiet generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service, you will be amazed at how great you will sleep at night, especially if a storm is on the horizon.

For the best inverter generator, call and talk to the team from Lloyd’s Electric Service. As a result, you will save money.

Call for a no-obligation quote from Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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