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Living off the Grid: Propane Generators or Solar?

Choosing between propane generators and an off-grid power system is a big decision. Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., explains that cost is just one of the factors when considering a complete power system.

Years ago, people scoffed at solar power. Fast forward to today and you will find massive corporations bidding on solar power.

Is a diesel or gas powered generator necessary anymore? Where you live, your budget and your needs will all come into play when it comes to choosing an off-grid power system.

Propane Generators or Solar; what’s the Better Investment?

If the budget complies, Lloyd’s Electric Service recommends both. By purchasing a backup gas-powered generator for your complete power system, grey skies will not affect your home life. The lights, appliances, computers, and televisions will remain working while the blackout continues.

Doubling your protection is the best way to ensure as little disruption as possible during a power outage. A Generac propane generator gives added protection when you need it most.

When Propane Generators AND Solar aren’t an Option

If you have to choose between solar or propane generators talk to your neighbors. If there is a lack of solar panels in the area, propane generators might be the better fit. However, you won’t really know until you talk to a complete power system expert from Lloyd’s Electric Service.

Solar Instead of Propane Generators

Although you will pay more upfront for solar, you may save in the end. While solar is a pricey investment, some programs offer tax incentives and bonuses to people who have solar.

Choosing a complete power system, whether solar or gas, is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. Consequently, making the right decision is crucial.

Talk to Lloyd’s Electric Service about propane generators. An off-grid power system is just a phone call away.

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