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Propane Generators for Industrial Use and More

Propane generators are a necessity whether you own a huge manufacturing plant that runs 24/7 or a retail shopping center that depends on foot traffic. Having propane generators on hand when the power goes out, keeps your machinery safe and your customers out of the dark.

Propane Generators with a Generator Transfer Switch

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. proudly distributes Generac propane for both industrial and residential use. Depending on the Generac® model that you purchase, it may or may not come with a generator transfer switch.

The Guardian 16KW Home Backup Generator from Generac®

For True Power™ technology a tough durable all-aluminum enclosure, removable front and side panels and a 200 Amp transfer switch, the Guardian, distributed by Lloyd’s Electric Service is the way to go. Because it comes with a mobile link, the Generac® Evolution™ Controller, and the G-Force™ engines, you can’t go wrong.

Standby Propane Generac® Gaseous Generators

Lloyd’s Electric Service recommends gaseous generators. With extended run times and environmentally friendly emissions, you can run continuously without refueling. The clean burning gaseous fuel generators from Generac® keep you up to code with unique backup power solutions regardless of your industry.

Bi-Fuel Industrial Propane Generators

Combining natural gas with diesel fuel, bi-fuel generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service meet the NFPA and NEC code requirements necessary for on-site fuel storage. The natural gas provides reliability during a power outage. The bi-fuel Generac® generators will run on diesel alone.

Propane Generators and Backup Generator Care

Once you have your power source installed, it’s time for generator care. Lloyd’s Electric Service has on call and yearly maintenance plans that are designed to streamline your business. When service is required, a technician from Lloyd’s Electric Service will arrive ready to service or repair your propane generators.

Propane generators and the generator transfer switch require backup generator care. Ask Lloyd’s Electric Service about sales, installation, and service.

Lloyd’s Electric Service is a Generac® Power Pro Elite Dealer and ready to handle your request. Call for a propane generators quote today.

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