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Knoxville generators

Knoxville Generators for Home and Business

Knoxville generators provide backup power with an emergency power source that won’t let you down. You can count on the backup power provided by Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., and Generac® Knoxville generators for home and business.

Backup Power with Knoxville Generators

Lloyd’s Electric Service is proud to be a Generac® Power ProElite Dealer. This means you can depend on an emergency power source that won’t let you down. That old gas generator that has been sitting idle in the garage for years probably won’t fire up right away. Once the power goes out, you will wish you had started it from time to time.

Lloyd’s Electric Service and Generac® Knoxville generators give you backup power when you need it most. With an automatic generator for home or business, you’ll never worry about a family member running out to power up the old gas generator.

Knoxville Generators for the Best Emergency Power Source

There are dozens of ads on Craig’s List and other sites selling used Knoxville generators. Consequently, you really don’t know what you’ll end up with. Buying a used generator may seem more affordable, but you won’t have the support that you will from Lloyd’s Electric Service.

Every emergency power source from Lloyd’s Electric comes with a full warranty backed with the Power ProElite Dealer and the Generac® generators name. Once you purchase your new emergency power source, you’ll be given full instructions on how to use it and what to expect. With Lloyd’s Electric Service, there are no nasty surprises when it comes to your new backup power unit.

An Emergency Power Source from Generac®

Generac® has been around for decades and has large and small generators for backup power. From small businesses to large manufacturing plants, residential homes and more, Lloyd’s Electric Service has the emergency power source for your needs.

If you would like more information regarding Knoxville generators, call and talk to Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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