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Knoxville lawn care

Knoxville Lawn Care for Business Savings

If your commercial Knoxville lawn care company doesn’t also provide property maintenance, you are spending far too much on facility management.

Most landscaping companies are not licensed or experienced to handle property maintenance. Think again if you believe your local handyman can take care of all of your property management needs. A lawn care company in Knoxville will not have the knowledge or the license to deal with plumbing, lighting or electrical.

Knoxville Lawn Care from your Local Handyman

If you have been having issues with your local handyman and your Knoxville lawn care company, it is time to clean house. Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is a full-service property management provider who puts your local handyman and Knoxville lawn care company to shame.

Think about how much time and money your company will save when you sign a facility maintenance agreement with Lloyd’s Electric Service. Your time is worth money; make sure it’s not spent worrying about your local handyman and your Knoxville lawn care company. As dependable as they are, they can’t do everything that Lloyd’s Electric Service can do. As a result, your bottom line will suffer.

Property Maintenance and Knoxville Lawn Care

The list of services from Lloyd’s Electric Service includes more than lawn care in Knoxville. When you sign a property maintenance agreement, you can add any service.

Some of the services provided by Lloyd’s Electric Service include industrial cleaning, building, painting, plumbing, electrical, on-call solutions, telecommunications, parking lot lighting and landscaping services. Most would agree that a local handyman can’t do all that.

You Can’t Go Past Lloyd’s Electric Service

For the best property maintenance in the Great Smoky Mountains and beyond, you can’t go past Lloyd’s Electric Service. You may love your local handyman, but sometimes you have to do what is best for business.

Call for a no obligation Knoxville lawn care quote from Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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