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Knoxville Work Site Solutions

Knoxville Work Site Solutions and Cleanup

Knoxville work site solutions don’t have to be problematic, and they won’t be when you call Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. for a quote. From industrial cleaning to construction debris, the licensed professionals from Lloyd’s Electric Service are the only company to consider for contractor supply.

Knoxville Work Site Solutions from Licensed Professionals

Your weekly office cleaner probably doesn’t have the experience or the license to clean up a hazmat disaster, and you wouldn’t want her to, especially if your cleaner is your mother in law. Just imagine the lawsuit you would have if you had your favorite mother in law fall on the jobsite.

Of course, she is your mother in law, but hospital bills and that trip to the ER won’t be free. Your insurance will go up if you hire an unlicensed industrial cleaner for your Knoxville work site solutions and contractor supply.

Industrial Cleaning is Hazardous

Industrial cleaning is more than vacuuming and emptying trashcans. Not only are there safety risks, but there are also challenges that must be faced.

Factory floors make cleaning tricky, especially around paint, heavy equipment, fiberglass, lubricants, and metal. Lloyd’s Electric Service has been in the industrial cleaning and contractor supply business for decades providing Knoxville work site solutions for all size facilities. This is especially important if your facility works with dangerous chemicals and hazardous waste.

Facility cleanup is a major undertaking when toxic waste is involved. Lloyd’s Electric Service coordinates quick, efficient, and most importantly, safe removal and cleanup of toxic and hazardous waste.

Knoxville Work Site Solutions You Can Count On

Safety and experience are vital when it comes to Knoxville work site solutions. Let Lloyd’s Electric Service make your facility safe by streamlining your cleaning needs. From janitorial to specialist and emergency cleanup, you can’t go wrong with Lloyd’s Electric Service.

Call for a no obligation Knoxville Work Site Solutions quote today.

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