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Knoxville commercial contractor

Knoxville Commercial Contractors for All of your Needs

The only Knoxville commercial contractors you need offer on-call maintenance services for all applications. These include building, painting, landscaping, plumbing, industrial cleaning, and parking lot solutions. If you have a planned factory shutdown but have no idea where to start, the best Knoxville commercial contractor has your back.

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. are trusted Knoxville commercial contractors that have decades of experience in East Tennessee. From factory shutdowns to commercial bathroom renovations and LED light repair, nobody else provides the range of services that Lloyd’s Electric Service does.

Knoxville Commercial Contractors You Can Trust

A commercial contractor should be licensed, bonded, and also insured. Not only does this provide you with a sense of security, but it also keeps you in business.

If you did not do your due diligence and hired a commercial contractor in Knoxville without checking his credentials, you could end up with a lawsuit or worse yet, lose your entire business.

Lloyd’s Electric Service are masters at their craft only hiring licensed, bonded, insured and experienced contractors. As a result, you will not have to worry about an unlicensed plumber installing your new pipes, much less pay to have them reinstalled because the install did not pass inspection.

A Commercial Expansion with Knoxville Commercial Contractors

If you are embarking on a commercial expansion, are your ducks in a row? If you have signed, the contract was it with a Knoxville commercial contractor who has commercial expansion experience.

Expanding any size commercial facility is a big undertaking; make sure you have chosen the right commercial contractor in Knoxville. If you did not, you just may be up with delays and more money spent.

Never Cut Corners with Knoxville Commercial Contractors

When it comes to commercial expansion, you cannot cut corners. Lloyd’s Electric Service offers Knoxville commercial contractors and commercial expansion services that are more affordable than you think. Furthermore, the company also provides on-call maintenance services after the project is complete.

Call Lloyd’s Electric Service for a Knoxville commercial contractors quote today.

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