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Standby Power Generators for Backup Electricity

Standby power generators do just what they say they will so. Standby in case of a power outage. An automatic electric generator keeps your home safe in the event of a blackout. If you run a business from home, have someone with medical needs, or require electricity 24/7, for whatever reason, a home backup generator is essential.

Why You Need an Automatic Electric Generator

When the power goes out, an automatic electric generator, whether it is run by diesel or natural gas, kicks on. Because it happens in less than a second, the transition is seamless. A seamless transition for standby power happens when you buy an electric generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc.

It seems as if Mother Nature is upset all the time. With storm season happening 10 months a year, you and your home must be protected with an automatic electric generator. A home backup generator for standby power keeps your food fresh and your family happy.

Ask Lloyd’s Electric Service about a standby power generator that is powerful enough to keep your fridge on and the TV powered up. With some home backup generator models, you can even work on your computer while the kids are enjoying a movie.

What is a Power Pro Elite Dealer?

Lloyd’s Electric Service is a Power Pro Elite Dealer. Only awarded to dealerships that have shown excellent customer service and high ratings, a Power Pro Elite Dealer is with you from purchase and installation and through the life of your generator.

Once you have your new standby power generator installed, your service agreement with Lloyd’s Electric Service will keep you covered when you opt for a two or five-year protection plan. Ask Lloyd’s Electric Service about special discounts for two, three, and five-year plans.

For nearly 60 years, Generac® has been providing standby power solutions with automatic electric generators that never let you down. Call Lloyd’s Electric Service for a Generac® quote today.

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