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facility automation

Facility Automation Solutions for Security and More in Knoxville

Facility automation has been making life easier for facility managers for decades. In today’s world, automation is everywhere and it’s doing amazing things. Automation streamlines facility systems making them safer, more efficient and easier to run. From security and operations to energy monitoring and managing costs, commercial automation touches every aspect of modern business.

LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., specializes in the design and engineering of facility automation solutions to bring Knoxville area buildings of all types into the 21st century.

Facility automation is a key component in building security. The days of signing in at the front desk are all but over. An automated security access system gives you control over who enters your facility as well as which areas can be accessed. In addition, a security access system collects important data. This data keeps you informed about what is going on in your Knoxville facility at all times.

Automated video monitoring is now more effective than ever for protecting assets and people. With facility automation solutions form LES Facility Service in Knoxville, Tennessee, you’ll get a custom designed video monitoring system. Protect any place where people or property need to be monitored for security. Hallways, elevators, entrances, parking lots and workspaces are safer with surveillance. Modern systems allow for quick and specific review of footage and can identify unusual activity and send alerts allowing for faster response in case of an emergency.

The team at LES Facility Service in Knoxville are trusted facility automation experts. They work closely with managers to create solutions that optimize efficiency and comfort. With help from LES Facility Service, you have the control to manage systems with ease.

From office buildings and elementary schools to industrial plants and shopping centers, LES Facility Service has the facility automation solution you’re looking for. Contact the friendly staff at LES Facility Service in Knoxville today.

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