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When Dependable Backup Power is a Must

Backup power is crucial for any business. If an outage occurs, factory owners, hospital managers and restaurateurs depend on backup power.


Whether you opt for gas generators, whole home generators or commercial generators, Lloyd’s Electric Service is a Power Pro Elite Generac dealer who has the experience and training to select the best backup power for your needs.

Backup Power When you Need it Most

The healthcare industries rely on backup power. If an outage occurs and the commercial generator system isn’t working either, gas generators are the only solution. Lloyd’s Electric Service carries a range of power systems that don’t require gas generators. The commercial generators are always ready when Mother Nature strikes.

Whole-Home Generators that Won’t Let You Down

Generac is the number one whole-home generator manufacturer in the world with several units to choose from. Lloyd’s Electric Service carries gas generators and whole-home generators in addition to transfer switches.

After installation, you will have the power you need should a situation arise with your backup power unit.

Gas Generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service

A good gas generator will fire up every time. Generac gas generators from a preferred Generac dealer are guaranteed to get the job done, and as a result, won’t cost a fortune to run.

Gas generators aren’t just for power outages. Because gas generators have a multitude of uses. Stallholders, boat owners, and campers rely on gas generators to keep the power on. Ask Lloyd’s Electric Service about Generac Generators for your next event or outing.

When it comes to gas generators, whole-home generators and commercial generators, there is no comparison. Generac generators keep your power on and keep you safe. With a power supply, you’ll never worry about the lights again.

Call and schedule an appointment with your Generac dealer for backup power today.

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