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Knoxville Energy Solutions for Trusted Local Experts

For Knoxville energy solutions, trust the company that locals have counted on for decades, Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. When energy saving devices, and solar for business are installed, utility bills are cut down considerably.

Knoxville Energy Solutions

Lloyd’s Electric Service are experts offering Knoxville energy solutions to all types of facilities including hospitals, factories, restaurants, shopping complexes, manufacturing plants and more. Solar for business helps your carbon footprint and the environment.

Solar for Business

Going solar takes a professional. Lloyd’s Electric Service employs master electricians who are licensed and insured. These energy saving devices need to be installed properly. If they aren’t you and your facility won’t be utilizing as much solar power as you could.

In addition, most run of the mill solar companies probably won’t provide you with a feasibility analysis. Often overlooked it is an important part of the overall solar plan. The plan assesses your power usage and data to determine what your power usage is with your utility company.

The most important part of solar is design. Lloyd’s Electric Service combines professional electrical engineering with the most advanced equipment in the solar industry. Not only does this insure performance, but it also insures maximum efficiency.

Battery Backup Walls and Knoxville Energy Solutions

When you talk with Lloyd’s Electric Service ask about pairing your solar energy with battery backup walls. These allow the solar panels to back up your battery when energy is not in use.

Energy Saving Devices for Knoxville Energy Solutions

The project management team ensures that there will be as little disruption as possible to your workplace during the solar installation process. Unlike some solar companies, Lloyd’s Electric Service works around you and your business, not the other way around.

For Knoxville energy solutions, you can trust, call and talk to the team from Lloyd’s Electric Service. Solar for business and energy saving devices are the way of the future. Call for a quote today.

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