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Whether the Weather Whatever the Weather: Home Backup Generators

Home backup generators are sometimes a necessity of life. Having a backup power system not only keeps the lights on but also protects you and your family against equipment failure. Computers and appliances are subject to damage when the power surges back on.

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. knows all too well the dangers of electrical outages. After power was returned, some customer’s major appliances were unusable after the power surge.

While the best way to protect your home and your family is with whole home backup generators, preventing appliance damage or any other major damage to your property is possible with more affordable generators as well.

Why Do Appliances Fry without a Home Generator?

With a home generator, your appliances and computers will work whether the power is or not. Lloyd’s Electric Service explains that appliance and computer motors draw lots of power. High heat levels occur because of the sudden release of electricity when regular power is restored. Every time this occurs it will degrade, damage and shorten the life of the circuitry.

Home Backup Generators When It Counts Most

Affordable generators offer peace of mind in an unexpected or expected power outage. Appliances and digital equipment remain safe regardless of how long the power is out.

An emergency generator solution keeps you going, whether you live in a 10,000 square foot estate, or a cozy 1,200-foot cabin. As Generac Power Pro Elite Dealers, the choice is easy. In addition to being experts on home backup generators, the team is also adept at handling any questions. Whatever the concern, Lloyd’s Electric Service has you covered. Make the call and see why Lloyd’s Electric Service is the best. 

Whatever the weather, Lloyd’s Electric Service has got you covered with powerful home backup generators that are more affordable than you think. Call for a no obligation home backup generators quote from Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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