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Emergency Equipment 101 Diesel Generators

Emergency equipment is an essential part of any job site. Because without a diesel generator on hand for emergency power, you will waste time and money. An emergency power supply from Lloyd’s Electric Service and Generac® is the best way to assure a safe and secure working environment.

Emergency Equipment you can Count on

Emergency equipment must be maintained. If you don’t use your diesel generator as much as other facilities, it still needs to be serviced regularly. Without regular service, your diesel generator may not fire up when it is supposed to. All equipment for emergencies needs to be maintained, especially your emergency generators. As a result, you will stay in business.

A Diesel Generator and Emergency Equipment

Does your checklist include a diesel generator? Are you still hoping and praying your old gas generator will get you through one more year? Can you really afford to go without power for a day? If the power stayed off for a week, would you still be in business? Answering the tough questions will make you realize how important emergency equipment is to your bottom line. Without it, you will lose business, or not be in business at all.

Emergency Equipment from Generac®

Generac® are the diesel generator experts. With Lloyd’s Electric Service and Generac® on your team, you will be ready for anything. It’s going to be a rough winter, Be prepared with a Generac® generator. Equipment you can count on is available and affordable. All you have to do is make the call.

For the best backup power supply, call Lloyd’s Electric Service. Consequently, you will be glad you did and so will your bank account. Call for a no obligation emergency equipment quote today, and don’t forget to ask about the Lloyd’s Electric Service maintenance agreement. Having a schedule for regular service is essential.

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