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Automatic Power Backup to Protect Home and Business

An automatic power backup system is an instant generator for home power backup. A generator that is equipped to handle your residential or commercial property is the best defense against a power outage. When you have a power backup for your home or office, you have peace of mind.

Automatic Power Backup from Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc.

With an instant generator from the Generac® Power Pro Elite dealers, your power will never stop. When the automatic transfer switch gets a signal that there is an outage, your instant generator kicks on without disruption.

Backup power is equally important for any home. For example, you may rely on critical data to run your business, or a member of the household may require oxygen. Whatever the reason, an automatic power backup system will get you through the blackout.

An Automatic Power Backup Instantly

An automatic power backup is just what it says it is. It transfers power from one source to another without interruption. Your old gas generator certainly isn’t automatic. If you are still relying on a portable generator to get you through a power outage, you’re walking a tightrope. If it goes out so does your household.

Gas generators will not last forever. Again, that’s where an automatic power backup system comes in. Generac® generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service are built to last giving you a home power backup generator like no other.

Home Power Backup Financing

If you think you can’t afford a power backup system, think again. With financing options available from Lloyd’s Electric Service, you can’t afford to go without a generator. Both large and small commercial and residential properties benefit from an instant generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service.

For the best protection, you can’t beat Lloyd’s Electric Service. Your automatic power backup system is ready when you are. Call for a no obligation generator quote today.

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