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A Whole House Backup Generator for Lasting Power

With a whole house backup generator, you can power up your appliances and even your TV and computers. Generac is the leader in automatic power supply and sells residential generators that get you through the tough times.

Whole House Backup Generator Power You Can Trust

With an automatic power supply from Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., your system will kick on within milliseconds of a power outage. The transition is seamless causing no disruption to your household. Unlike those old gas powered generators that are less than consistent. Anyone who has had to deal with old residential generators understands the problems that come with portable diesel or gas powered generators.

A Whole House Backup Generator that Fits

The Generac generators available from Lloyd’s Electric Service are sized to fit your home. From a two-bedroom ranch style home to a massive 7-bedroom estate, Generac has the system to suit.

Working with the team from Lloyd’s Electric Service takes the guesswork out of choosing the right system for your home. Because you are working with a Power Pro Elite Generac dealer there are no worries. You can skip hours of research when you call Lloyd’s Electric Service for a new whole house backup generator.

Why You Need a Whole House Backup Generator

Everyone needs an automatic power supply. From people who rely on oxygen for a family member to household members that run a business from home, residential generators are essential.

Generac makes the smooth transition so you will not have to worry about your power kicking on should it go off unexpectedly. With an automatic power supply, everything keeps on going even when the electricity is not.

For the best residential generators, Lloyd’s Electric Service is the only name to consider. Call today for an inspection and quote. A Generac generator is ready and waiting for a new home. Call for an appointment today.

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