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Generator Cost; is it Worth the Money?


Unplanned power outages are a fact of life. When you weigh the cost between an industrial generator or a total factory shutdown, the answer is obvious. Affordable generators keep the utilities on allowing you to continue production or at least safely shut down machinery. Portable generators keep the lights on and the equipment running. Emergency generators also allow your customers to exit your public facility safely.

How Much Do Generators Cost?

According to Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., generators can cost anywhere from $900.00 for a small gas-powered generator to upwards of $25,000 for a unit that can keep a massive factory powered up.

You can spread out your payments with affordable project financing making generator cost easy. Affordable generators installed by Lloyds Electric Service save time and money.

Generator Cost is Worth It

When you purchase your Generac® generator from the Lloyd’s Electric Service Power Pro Elite dealership, you are getting a company that has the approval of Generac®. Generac® has been keeping the lights on since 1959 and doesn’t allow just anyone to distribute its products. Being a Power Pro Elite Dealer means that Generac® believes in Lloyd’s Electric Service and so can you.

When you buy a new generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service, you can choose the generator that best suits your needs. The Generac® team from Lloyd’s Electric Service will always suggest the most appropriate affordable generators, but would never try to sway you towards a more expensive machine.

Project Financing for the Generator Cost

Purchasing affordable generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service is easy. When you opt for the maintenance agreement, available for on-demand maintenance, two, three and five-year agreements, you are keeping your investment safe. With regular service and maintenance, your generator cost is well worth it.

With affordable project financing, there is no excuse not to purchase a backup power generator. Call Lloyd’s Electric Service for purchase, installation, maintenance, and more. The next time the power goes out you will be glad you did.

Call today for a generator cost quote from Lloyd’s Electric Service.

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