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Best Generators for Home and Business

The best generators aren’t the ones that are on sale at your local DIY  shop. The best generators, including that dual fuel generator that you have your eye on, come from Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc.

Generac® for the Best Generators

The best generators are manufactured by Generac®, the leader in home power. Lloyd’s Electric Service has been awarded the prestigious Power Pro Elite Dealer title given by Generac®.

To be a Power Pro Elite Dealer you need a 4-star customer service rating from Generac®. You also need to provide customers with 24-hour support and employ a team of power generation experts.

A Power Pro Elite Dealer must also maintain an adequate parts and product inventory, obtain, and maintain Generac® factory training and ongoing education. Generac® Power Pro Elite Dealers must also provide certification for service personnel and sales. A Power Pro Elite Dealer must also provide financing options, and most importantly, a Power Pro Elite Dealer must have successfully represented Generac® for a minimum of three years.

You Won’t Hear the Best Generators

A quite generator is essential when it comes to a home backup power system. Whether it is a dual fuel generator or a single fuel generator, you want it to be quiet. Lloyd’s Electric Service sells Generac®, the world’s quietest generator.

Those noisy old portable gas generators that you have relied on in the past will no longer drown out the TV. A quiet generator from Generac® and Lloyd’s Electric Service really is the only way to go for emergency backup power.

Is a Duel Fuel Generator the Way to Go?

Depending on your needs, Lloyd’s Electric Service may recommend a dual fuel generator to get you through the power outage. Call and talk to the team from Lloyd’s electric who can determine what type of Generac® generator you need.

The best generators come from Generac®. Call Lloyd’s Electric Service for a quote today.

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