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Dual Fuel Generators Give Power To People

Dual fuel generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. provide a portable power supply when you need it most. From camping generators to portable power supply units, Lloyd’s Electric Service has got you covered when you need power.

What are Dual Fuel Generators?

Capable of using two fuel types simultaneously, dual fuel generators start on one fuel while gradually adding the secondary source of fuel for the right mix. This makes the system run more efficiently. A portable power supply using dual fuel is also capable of operating on one source should the other be absent. However, in some generators, only one type of generator fuel can start the engine.

What are Dual Fuel Generators Used For?

In a word, everything from camping generators to emergency backup supply. With a portable power supply at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

Camping generators supply power when you need it most. If you are staying at a campground with no power, you will need a good camping generator to get you through your vacation.

People who run stalls at fairs and markets also appreciate the convenience of a generator. Most outdoor locations don’t offer power to vendors. With an affordable dual fuel generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service, your products will sell themselves. Talk to Lloyd’s Electric Service about a portable dual fuel generator for your business.

Other Dual Fuel Generator Uses

As mentioned above, the uses for dual fuel generators are endless. Painters, landscapers, contractors, musicians and plumbers all rely on emergency generators.

From camping generators to emergency power supply generators, you won’t do better than Lloyd’s Electric Service. Call and talk to a professional from Lloyd’s Electric Service who can help you decide on the best dual fuel generators for your needs. Power backup supply at prices you can afford. Call today and save.

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