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An Electric Generator for Easy Country Living

An electric generator isn’t just for power outages. According to Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., people living in the country depend on rural backup power if they are living off the grid.

For those who are trying to eliminate the grid, an off-grid power source for rural backup power is essential as it allows those who live in the country to have power when they need it most. As a result, living off the grid is easy.

Country Living with an Electric Generator

Off the Grid, or OTG refers to the manner in which one is living. People who live OTG do not rely on public utilities for power. By achieving autonomy, OTG living avoids sewer, electrical, municipal water and similar services.

An Off-Grid Power Source with an Electric Generator

For rural backup power, an electric generator is part of life. People who live in the country and have decided to go off the grid rely on Lloyd’s Electric Service for rural backup power from an electric generator.

What is an Electric Generator?

It may sound like it runs off electricity, but an electric generator gets its power through an external circuit converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Sources of energy from mechanical devices include water turbines, gas turbines, steam turbines, hand cranks, and internal combustion engines.

How long do Generators Last?

Generac® generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service are designed to provide about 3,000 hours of usage. As a result with proper maintenance and typical usage, a generator can give you power for 30 years.

When it comes to rural backup power for country living, Lloyd’s Electric Service is the only name to consider. Because they are Power Pro Elite dealers, the team has the experience to recommend the best generator for your needs.

If you are living off the grid, call Lloyd’s Electric Service. Living off the grid is easy with Lloyd’s Electric Service. Call for more information regarding an electric generator for off the grid living.

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