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Generac Propane Generator Sales and Service

®Generac® propane generators from Power Pro Elite Dealer, Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., are simply the best generator on the market. Lloyd’s Electric Service has the experience and the vote of confidence from Generac®, the best generator on the planet. You will win as a result.

Generac® Propane Generators

With a five year limited warranty on Generac® Propane Generators, the best in class delivers a whopping less than five percent distortion giving you smooth and clean operation for appliances and electronics.

Engineered, manufactured, and built in the United States, Generac® propane generators are more reliable requiring less routine service and maintenance than other propane generators. Powder-coated for corrosion resistance, Generac® generators always pass the power test. As a result, your new generator is perfect, regardless of the weather conditions.

Contact Your Generac® Propane Generator from Anywhere

With the evolution controller from Generac®, you can check your battery status and maintenance schedule. This also ensures your generator is operating efficiently. You can easily access all information or connect to an authorized dealer for fast and friendly customer service.

Generac® Propane Generators and Generac Dealers

Because Lloyd’s Electric are preferred Generac Dealers, you won’t have to deal with a third party thanks to the Power Pro Elite Dealer title given to Lloyd’s Electric. Generac® has the confidence in Lloyds Electric Service and is a licensed Generac® dealer.

Because Lloyd’s Electric Service is continually trained in the field of home power supply your installation is a success.

The Best Generator at the Best Price

If you think you can’t afford the best generator, think again. Generac® and Lloyd’s Electric Service will work with you to get you the best price possible. If money is an issue, talk to Lloyd’s Electric Service about financing options. It really is possible to own a home generator.

For Generac® generator sales and service, call Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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