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A Retail Generator Protects Your Business

A retail generator for emergency power keeps the lights on and your employees busy. Any store that does not have a generator is asking for trouble, especially if the team has too much time on their hands.

Why You Need a Retail Generator

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. has affordable retail generators for sale from Generac® that keep businesses going. Emergency power isn’t an issue with Lloyd’s Electric Service because they are Generac® Power Pro Elite Dealers.

If the generator company you are working with isn’t a Power Pro Elite Dealer authorized by Generac®, it’s time to find a new company for your new retail generator. Along with expert generator installation, you will also get the Generac® limited warranty should anything go wrong with your new generator from Generac® and Lloyd’s Electric Service. You will also get a discount on maintenance and service agreements from Generac® and Lloyd’s Electric Service.

Everyone in Business Needs a Retail Generator

Large shopping centers, strip malls, and small retail stores depend on power to keep them in business. If your eatery does not have a retail generator, you will lose food and patrons. Consequently, that is a disaster for business.

Purchasing a retail generator for your business is easy. Lloyd’s Electric Service has been in business since 1982 and knows everything there is about power backup, not to mention the customer service.

Customer Service like No Other

Lloyd’s Electric Service prides itself on good old-fashioned customer service. If you need emergency service or would like to schedule regular maintenance with a maintenance contract, Lloyd’s Electric Service is here to help.

For the best retail generators money can buy, look no further than Generac®. As Power Pro Elite Dealers Lloyd’s Electric Service is the best. Call for a quote on a retail generator from Generac® and Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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