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Emergency Generators Protect Your Family

Emergency generators are the foundation.

Because emergency generators give households an automatic backup power source, they provide a stable and safe environment for everyone in your family.

What Are Emergency Generators?

An automatic backup generator is an electrical system that backs up your power automatically. As a result, in seconds, the transfer switch will sense a loss of power commanding your automatic backup generator to start before transferring the load to the emergency generator.

Choosing Emergency Generators

Choosing an automatic backup generator takes research. Most probably don’t have the time or the inclination to spend hours checking out emergency generators and generator installations. Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., has done the research for you.

Lloyd’s Electric Service proudly distributes Generac emergency generators to homeowners just like you. With their knowledge, they can measure your home, take into account how many utilities need to be powered up and recommend an automatic backup generator that assures your data and anything else of concern is not lost because of a power outage.

Are Emergency Generators Expensive?

Of course, a whole house generator will cost more than a portable generator. Small portable generators can cost as little as $400.00 while a large whole house generator can run you $10,000 to $15,000. Consequently, these high powered alternatives can generate enough power for a large home.

Weighing the cost between a portable and a permanent backup generator is essential. Lloyd’s Electric Service will come out to your home to determine your needs. A small two bedroom home will require a smaller generator than a massive 12-bedroom estate.

An emergency generator is an investment that protects your family and your home. If you have a member of your household who depends on electricity for medical reasons, an emergency generator is crucial.

For more information regarding emergency generators and generator installations, call and talk to a team member from Lloyd’s Electric Service. The safety of your family does depend on it. Call for a quote today.

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