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Don’t Wait for Stormy Weather; Be Prepared with a Home Backup Generator

A home backup generator offers a backup power source when the electricity goes out. At Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., an emergency generator is ready 24/7 even when you are not.

Year Round Protection

Power outages occur year round, not just during the stormy season. A home backup Generac generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service is the emergency generator you can depend on.

Home Backup Generator or Emergency Generator

Although a home backup generator is more expensive, it will provide better protection. A permanent home backup generator runs when you need it most. If you are at work, on vacation or out of the country, your home will be safe and powered with a home backup generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service.

When the power goes out it is nice to be home. While that is the perfect scenario, it is not always the case. Unplanned and planned power outages aren’t a problem with a whole home permanent Generac backup power source.

With a mind of its own, your permanent emergency power source will keep the power on. Although similar to setting your alarm from your car, it doesn’t matter if you forget, as Generac will remember for you.

A Portable Emergency Generator

While less expensive than a home backup generator, a small or medium-sized emergency generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service will not give you as many hours as a permanent backup power source. Usually powered by diesel, that engine will only give you a certain amount of backup time.

Because small diesel generators are portable and not connected to the wiring in your home, you cannot operate them from a distance. If the power goes and no one is home, your power will be out.

For the stormy weather solutions, talk to Lloyd’s Electric Service. For decades, Lloyd’s Electric Service has kept the power on. Call for a quote today before Mother Nature decides to take her toll.

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