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A Whole House Generator for Safety and Security

A whole house generator is worth more than you think. An electric generator provides power protection when you need it most.

If an unexpected outage occurs, Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., has the solutions you need to feel safe. With a whole house generator from Generac®,  your home will have no idea that the grid is down.

Power in Seconds with a Whole House Generator

Powering up in seconds after an outage, whole house generators keep your data safe. All of the surge protectors in the world will not protect your home office if the electricity goes out. Your home office may not be as important as a hospital, but it still relies on power to keep it going.

Power Protection with an Electric Generator

Electric generators from Generac and Lloyd’s Electric Service offer power protection to properties of all sizes. Ask Lloyd’s Electric Service about a no-obligation consultation. Because every home is different, you will need an inspection to determine what type of whole house generator is best for your needs.

Whole House Generator for Everyone

An electric generator is necessary for older people because a power outage is hard on seniors who are susceptible to temperature changes. A power loss also prevents older adults from using nebulizers, oxygen equipment, and other medical supplies.

Power outages spoil food, break pipes and limit activities. Having a houseful of kids with no TV or computer can make even the sanest parents crazy. With whole house generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service, everyone will be happy.

Lloyd’s Electric Service for your Whole House Generator

When you purchase your new electric generator from Lloyd’s Electric Service you won’t have to spend hours Googling every whole house generator on the market. The team from Lloyds Electric Service will come out and survey your property determining what system would be best for your home.

While Generators aren’t custom made, they are sized to fit. If you have a 1,200 square foot home, you will need a different generator than a 5,600 square foot estate.

For more information regarding a new whole house generator, call Lloyd’s Electric Service.

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