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Emergency Power When Mother Nature Turns Ugly

Emergency power is important all year round, but especially during storm season.

Generac Power Systemscom

Emergency power is essential. An automatic backup electricity supply provides emergency power to residential and commercial facilities. While you may think you’re safe, it’s important to be prepared.

Generators for the Home from Lloyd’s Electric Service

Generators for the home from Lloyd’s Electric Service, provide emergency power when you need it most. If you are not prepared when a storm hits or when the power goes out you’ll lose data, and in addition, all that food in your freezer will spoil. A fully stocked fridge will be ruined in hours if there is a blackout.

Lloyd’s Electric Service is a preferred distributor of automatic backup electricity supply generators. Protecting your home is critical. Just like an alarm system, generators for the home give peace of mind.

What is a Standby Generator System?

Your power stays on year round with a standby generator system. You’ll stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter with an automatic backup electricity supply from Lloyd’s Electric Service.

Because Lloyd’s Electric Service is a preferred Generac Power Pro Elite Dealer, you can count on continuing customer service. The team has been providing generators to residents all over the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee for more than 35 years.

Lloyd’s Electric Service Offers You a Choice

Lloyd’s Electric Service prides itself on good old-fashioned customer service. With discounts available on three and five-year service agreements your home will be safe. Having your generator checked out after heavy use, or if it has been sitting for a while, is easy when you sign a maintenance agreement with Lloyd’s Electric Service.

Service Agreements Available for Emergency Power

  • On-Demand Maintenance
  • Two-year Service Agreement
  • Three year Service Agreement
  • Five year Service Agreement

Because emergency power is crucial, you need Lloyd’s Electric Service. Call for a no-obligation quote on an automatic backup electricity system for your home today.

Call Lloyd’s Electric Service and get prepared for uncertain times today.

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