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Emergency Power When Lives Depend on It

Without emergency power, a hospital cannot run properly. Patient’s lives lie in the balance. Without industrial generators, they lives would be lost.

emergency power

People on life support depend on emergency power to get through the day and night.

Industrial generators are not created equal. No-name brands compete for the lion’s share of the market. Generac and Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. give you proven quality and reliability you can’t get from other manufacturers. When it comes to emergency power, quality and reliability are essential.

How Does Emergency Power Work?

Generac industrial generators work by connecting emergency power through an automatic transfer switch which tells the feed to switch from normal power to emergency power. Loss of regular power will also trigger the starter system. It is run by a battery in the same way that a car battery is used to start the engine.

Emergency Power Not Just for the Medical Field

Generac leads the industry in whole-home generators as well as commercial generators. As a result, installing a Generac home generator takes the stress out of a power outage. Lloyd’s Electric Service is a Pro Power Elite dealer and provides sales and installation in addition to customer support long after installation is complete.

Many homes and businesses rely on backup power. Manufacturing plants need it to keep moving in an emergency while a public parking lot needs lights to remain operational. Emergency generators ensure that things keep working even when the grid is down.

What is an Automatic Back-Up Generator?

A generator that turns on automatically when there is a power outage is an automatic backup generator. Generac generators are designed to power up immediately. Outages will not disrupt your power. Both whole-home and commercial generators stay on until the power is restored even if no one is there.

Monitor your whole-home generator from your computer, phone, or tablet with Generac. It’s an easy and free way Generac provides you with extra peace of mind.

Lloyd’s Electric Service has the experience and expertise to fulfill all of your emergency power needs. Call for a whole home, commercial or portable generator quote today.

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