Commercial or Industrial Home Standby Generators

Commercial or Industrial Home Standby Generators


There is nothing worse than a blackout, especially if you are not prepared. Having candles and a portable generator may be okay if the electricity is only going to be out for an hour or two, but what happens if you have no power for a few days or even a week?

Home standby generators are the answer to your power outage woes as they can even keep the heat and air running while making sure that your freezer full of meat doesn’t defrost.

Lloyd’s Electric Service in Knoxville has a staff of licensed and factory trained technicians who can install and service home standby generators whether you need a home standby unit or require industrial sized units.

Lloyd’s Electric Service in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee also stocks most components for your existing home standby generators so you will not have to wait for your parts to arrive.

Lloyd’s Electric Service also offers 24-hour emergency service as well as annual and bi-annual maintenance on your home standby generators, such as for Generac generators. You can even arrange to have a three or five year service agreement on your home standby generators with Lloyd’s Electric Service in Knoxville.

Call Lloyd’s Electric Service today and speak with a home standby generators expert who can come out to your home or office to provide you with a free, no obligation estimate. The professionals from Lloyd’s Electric Service will be able to decide which system is best for your needs by performing a power load estimation. Call today.

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