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The smart home automation of the future is now here. The ability to seamlessly connect with home appliances and take full control of your home regardless of where you are currently located anywhere in the world is no longer a work of science fiction writers. Smart Home Automation with Lloyd’s Electric is now a reality that is shaping the way modern homeowners manage their properties regardless of time and space.


We all can agree you can never place a value on your home and family’s safety. We take this seriously and offer the following services; most if not all available to conveniently view and control via your SmartPhone.

  •  Lighting Control Appliances
  •  Automated Door Locks
  •  Security Cameras including 360 degree cameras
  •  Garage Door
  •  Fire Alarm
  •  Surveillance
  •  Motion Detectors
  •  Baby Monitors
  •  Keyless Home Entry
  •  Wireless Doorbell


We are more than happy to oblige and/or consult on any Home Automation projects that arise. We understand the value and convenience modern technology brings to life to take care of the little things we might not have the time or patience for.

  •  Thermostat Adjustment / Nest
  •  Home Theatre / Television / Entertainment
  •  Shade control
  •  Pool control
  •  Mailbox Alerts
  •  Pet escape notifications
  •  Keyless Home Entry
  •  Robotic Vacuums


By better controlling how much energy is being used we can better preserve our resources for generations and decades to come.

  •  Smoke / Carbon Dioxide Detectors
  •  Irrigation Systems
  •  Control window shades
  •  Moisture Sensors
  •  Control Landscape Lighting

Introducing Sense

The Sense home energy monitor lets you understand what every appliance, light, and device in your house has to say. Be informed. Listen to your home.

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