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Alternative energy is a pretty simple concept once you understand a few key terms and basic ideas. There is certainly a world of complex science and technology to understand and navigate which is why it is best to leave alternative services to the professionals, but let’s go ahead and dive into the foundational basics of what makes alternative energy tick.


Battery Back Up Walls paired with alternative energy can provide you with a low emission lifestyle.  Most of the energy that is not being used is sent back to the grid but the Battery Back Up Walls store this energy to be used anytime.  These batteries also have to the ability to protect your home in a power outage.

A back up generator is a great alternative energy option when you power is temporarily lost to your home or business. While you neighbor is sitting in the dark, a generator can give you the ability to continue you life without any interruption.

Our expert technicians have the experience and knowledge to make sure your generator or battery back up wall installation is completed with ease - from start to finish.


With the purchase of your electric vehicle, let us help you prepare your home by installing your EV Refueling Station.

From start to finish, the experts at Lloyd’s Electric will assess the home’s wiring panel needs, obtain necessary permits, install the station, and arrange the final inspection.


With our products and knowledge, we can help you take your home to the next level.  From energy monitoring to turning your lights on with just a simple command, your home can be controlled by just a few apps on your smart phone. Let us install the devices necessary to make your home smart, energy efficient, and cost effective.

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