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Thermal Image Camera – Benefits

Thermal Image Camera – Benefits

When Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., is called in to make repairs to prevent downtime, we first turn to a very special tool known as a Thermal Image Camera. This tool helps our technicians diagnose problems that are hard to detect. So, we turn to special resources and tools when difficult electrical problems arise. The Thermal Image Camera saves us and the customer time to diagnose specific electrical problems.

What is a Thermal Image Camera?

This unique tool is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation.  It will detect the heat that is given off by a person or certain objects. A Thermal Image Camera gives us the ability to detect problems with electrical wiring or repairs that may not be able to be seen by just inspecting the electrical problems.

thermal image camera - worker inspects a box

What Type of Repairs Can This Be Used For?

Examples of repairs that the camera can be used for are meter packs, wiring gutters, and buss ducts.  So, Lloyd’s Electric will scan under load to pin-point any and all loose connections. This will prevent downtime and future switchgear damage at plants, businesses and residential sites.

Thermal Image Camera - Electrical Meter Pack              Thermal Image Camera - Wiring Gutter          Thermal Image Camera - Buss Ducts

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

The Thermal Image Scan will possibly lower insurance rates due to it being such a valuable preventative maintenance tool. The camera will let us see what the the problem is and how to best diagnose it without having to take any machines, equipment or electrical devices apart. An expert technician will capture thermal/standard and thermal/blend images with the use of The Thermal Image Camera. Images are then put in print version or produced on a CD for future reference. Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. can solve all electrical problems whether they are residential, commercial or industrial. We can solve problems with our expertise, skills and resources such as the Thermal Image Camera.

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