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Overhead Lighting Knoxville

Overhead Lighting

Overhead Lighting can give you the best light possible, but it really depends on the rest of the lighting and how it is laid out. If you are looking for a brighter solution to your lighting woes, give Lloyd’s Electric Service a call. Lloyd’s Electric Service has the experience and the expertise to take care of your lighting troubles.

Since 1982, Lloyd’s Electric has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality service in East Tennessee. The team effort behind Lloyd’s Electric Service in Knoxville is what gives Lloyd’s its stellar reputation when it comes to all types of electrical contracting.

Task Lighting and Ceiling Lighting

Task lighting and ceiling lighting need to be balanced properly to be efficient. Sadly, overhead lighting can be abused with some not even knowing how convenient task lighting actually is. If you are working in a specific space, such as your home office, you may not even need to turn on your ceiling lighting. However, the kitchen is a different story.

Overhead Lighting - Overhead lighting found inside a kitchen

Overhead lighting is essential in the kitchen, and if you are still using old fluorescent tube lights, call Lloyd’s Electric Service for a quote. Improper lighting shines the light downward and doesn’t light enough of the space where you want and need it. Some ceiling lighting creates shadows and can cause a nasty glare on your computer screen.

Overhead Lighting - can lights on a ceiling

With proper overhead lighting, you can aim the light at your wall, which will reduce glare and shadows.

Task lighting is another problem that you may be dealing with. Not all rooms in older homes have overhead lighting and if you are relying on floor and table lamps for guests to use in your spare bedroom, call Lloyd’s Electric Service for an overhead lighting quote.

The perfect lighting situation will light the areas of the room you want using task or accent lighting to enhance the rest of the space.

If you would like more information, call or click and talk to Lloyd’s Electric about an overhead lighting quote today.

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