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Outdoor Lighting – Brighten up the Great Outdoors!

Outdoor Lighting

Every business needs some form of outdoor lighting. Regardless of your operating hours, as long as there is darkness, you’re going to need some light. Lloyd’s Electric Service are experts at outdoor lighting. Here are three reasons why you should install or upgrade your current site lighting system.

outdoor lighting - image shows a well-lit gas station at night

Keep it safe

Not only does proper lighting outdoors help point out hidden hazards, such as debris and obstacles, but a well-lit area deters crime. Parking lots can benefit from bright LED outdoor lighting. It’s harder for bad guys to hide when there are minimal shadows, and easier for your guests or employees to find their vehicles at night. Better lighting may also decrease the site owner’s chances of being involved in an injury lawsuit.

Keep it playful

You can’t have night games without outdoor lights! Whether it’s a baseball or soccer field or a game of kickball behind the church, the right outdoor lighting keeps everyone safe and increases the number of usable hours for your property.

Keep it bright

Have you ever driven right by a business thinking it’s closed simply because there were no lights on outside? Outdoor lighting is a direct message to your customers that you are open for business – and safe. Even if you are closed, the right amount of outdoor light will allow potential customers to see your business hours and window displays.

Cost-effective, energy-saving LEDs

Lloyd’s Electric Service can help you achieve the desired effect in all these areas. We install and repair pole lighting for parking lots and other open spaces. We can upgrade your current lighting system to cost-effective, energy-saving LED lights. Knoxville has trusted Lloyd’s Electric Service with their outdoor lighting needs for over thirty years!

Give them a call today at (865) 692-6700 and brighten up your home or business!

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