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Knoxville Overhead Lighting

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is Knoxville’s hometown choice for overhead lighting design to enhance any indoor space. From cozy bungalows to impressive institutions, Lloyd’s Electric Service has been creating artful illumination for residential and commercial clients throughout our community since 1982.

Lloyd’s Electric Service’s skilled lighting designers and technicians have a keen sense of utility and style. They create custom overhead and task lighting schemes to optimize both style and function in any room. From consultation to installation and maintenance, the versatility and expertise of our staff allow us to provide a higher quality of service to our clientele no matter the size or type of lighting project.

With new technology and trends in lighting always emerging, Lloyd’s Electric Service can provide guidance for home and business owners considering an overhead lighting overhaul.

For commercial locations in need of overhead lighting design to create an attractive, inviting atmosphere for clients or customers, give Lloyd’s Electric Service a call. Our staff of talented lighting designers and technicians understand the needs of business management and have the capability to create a contemporary overhead lighting scheme for your business that will impress guests without flattening your bottom line.

For homeowners, lighting is a key element to a home’s comfort, functionality and style. Overhead and task lighting can literally change the way you see your home and the way you live in it. A good lighting scheme will provide adequate lighting in a room, highlighting design features without causing uncomfortable glare.

Task lighting provides extra illumination for work areas such as kitchen counters and bathroom mirrors. Dimmers are a simple yet spectacular way to save energy in the home while enhancing ambience. With smart technology, Lloyd’s Electric Service can install a lighting system that you can control from your phone, computer or other device.

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