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The Energy Detective + = Smart Energy Conservation!

In our changing world, energy conservation is becoming more important than ever. People are beginning to take notice of the science behind climate change and alter the way they live to help reduce the negative effects of human activity on our environment.

The power we use in our homes and businesses accounts for nearly two-thirds of total energy consumption in America. In Tennessee, about two-fifths of that electricity comes from coal-fired power plants which emit carbon dioxide. We use fossil fuels like coal because they are less expensive in the short term, although the costs to our health and environment are steep over time.

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is dedicated to improving energy sustainability in our region.

An important way each of us can help is to monitor the electricity we use in our homes and offices. With innovative products like Sense and TED Pro installed by the trusted techs at Lloyd’s Electric Service, home and business owners receive specific data for all connected devices and appliances. This data can help identify ways to eliminate waste, save money, and can even let you know if you forgot to switch off the coffee maker before you left for work.

TED (The Energy Detective) energy monitors for residential and commercial use give home and business owners insight into their power consumption allowing them to regulate cost and usage. TED monitors show users exactly when and where electricity is being used, along with wattage and costs. If you are using a solar array, TED is an excellent resource for tracking generated power.

Sense, installed by Lloyd’s Electric, gives users the ability to monitor each device in their home with a simple app. Know which devices are on, which use the most energy, and where changes can save money and power.

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