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Financing Your Project with Synchrony

Every experienced homeowner, business owner and property manager knows that electrical projects and repairs can be financially daunting. There are likely projects that you’ve had to put on the back burner due to budgetary concerns.There is also the humbling experience of unexpected emergency repair needs at the worst possible fiscal moment, which most of us have encountered in one facet of life or another.

This in mind, Lloyd’s Electric Service has partnered with Synchrony Financial in offering accessible financing options to help our clients realize their goals with manageable payment plans.

Synchrony Financial is one of the nation’s premier financial institutions. They work with merchants, manufacturers, healthcare service providers and others to enable growth and assist customers by offering the financial flexibility needed to accomplish great things.

With the expertise of Lloyd’s Electric Service’s world-class technicians and affordable financing from Synchrony, you can finally make good on all your plans, projects and repairs.

Maybe you’ve been considering how much you could save in energy costs while shrinking your carbon footprint by adding a solar power system to your property. You sigh and tell yourself, “someday…” as you’re paying another outrageous power bill. But there’s no need to daydream when a simple call to Lloyd’s Electric Service could set you on the path to eco-conscious savings now.

Whether you’d like to upgrade your home to an automated system for security and convenience, update the overhead lighting for your business, wire a new room for an expanding family or you need emergency repairs in a hurry, financing from Synchrony Financial and exceptional workmanship from Lloyd’s Electric Service can make it happen.

Give Lloyd’s Electric Service a call today to schedule a consultation. We can provide an estimate for your project or repair and go over affordable finance options from Synchrony Financial.

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