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PLCs and Plant Shutdowns

Lloyd’s Electric Service is proud to serve a diverse range of clients all over The South. From farms and construction sites to factories and mills, our highly trained electricians, HVAC experts, plumbers, and telecommunications techs help keep industrial facilities and work sites running safely and reliably.

Veterans of the industrial world will be well acquainted with the services we provide for our most heavy-duty clients, but for those who are less familiar (and a little curious), here are a couple of the many important duties we perform.

PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)

For years, manufacturing machinery had been largely managed through a series of switches and timed relays. More recently, PLCs have replaced these in many factories and plants. A PLC is an integrated computer system capable of monitoring and reacting with the machines during the manufacturing process. Lloyd’s Electric Service’s expert electricians can install and service these computers as well as perform maintenance and repairs on the manufacturing machinery the PLCs manage.

Factory Shutdowns

Another important industrial role that Lloyd’s Electric Service serves is plant shutdown. Periodically, companies will have a need to shut down all facility operations. Sometimes this is done for maintenance purposes but may also be necessary if the site is moving or closing down permanently. In factories and plants, it’s not quite as simple as flipping breakers or unplugging machines. Often, there is potentially dangerous equipment and material to deal with which must be handled with extreme care. This type of shutdown requires weeks of planning and workers who are expertly trained to ensure that each aspect of the procedure is executed safely and correctly. That’s exactly why Lloyd’s Electric team members are held to the highest standards in safety and procedural training.

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. provides these and many other necessary services for facilities throughout our area and can be reached 24/7 in case emergency repairs are needed.

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