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Preventive Maintenance from LES Facility Service Helps Businesses Grow

Commercial, Corporate, Industrial; Preventive Maintenance from LES Facility Service Helps Businesses Grow

Smart property managers know just how important professional preventive maintenance is to the success of their businesses. Whether operating a commercial, corporate or industrial facility, keeping your infrastructure healthy and current is essential. A well-maintained facility is a crucial part of the overall growth of any company.

LES Facility Service provides comprehensive preventive maintenance solutions for companies throughout the Southeast. We are home to a skilled staff of OSHA certified experts in all areas of electrical, datacom, HVAC and refrigeration. In addition, we utilize a network of highly qualified service vendors in a full spectrum of other important preventive maintenance areas.

When you call LES Facility Service, you’re calling a plumber, a lawn care professional, a master electrician, a general contractor, an HVAC specialist, a janitorial staff, a safety inspector, a Power Pro Elite dealer and service provider for generators and more. When you hire LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. ,you’re hiring one of Tennessee’s most trusted and experienced family owned businesses. And when you work with the project leaders and teams from LES Facility Service, you will understand why so many successful companies rely on us for their preventive maintenance, 24-hour on-call solutions, and other projects.

In the Numbers

Numbers don’t lie. Putting LES Facility Service to work for your company could save you up to 30% over other preventive maintenance methods. How?By identifying potential problems and correcting them before they impact your budget. That means increasing uptime, productivity, profit, and growth, in addition to eliminating the risk of system breakdowns by 70-75 percent.

When you invest in a preventive maintenance plan from LES Facility Service, you’re investing in the future of your facility. We have built a reputation on our ability to listen to the needs of our clients and create solutions that exceed expectations.

To find out more about preventive maintenance for your commercial, corporate or industrial facility, get in touch with LES Facility Service today.

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