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commercial maintenance agreement

A Commercial Maintenance Company Going Above and Beyond

A commercial maintenance company keeps your facility going. With a maintenance management company, you can avoid emergency repairs and unnecessary equipment replacement.

LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., has a team of plumbing, electrical, landscaping, painting, and HVAC contractors that will take care of all of your maintenance needs whatever your industry.

Why You Need a Commercial Maintenance Company

Size does not matter when it comes to maintenance management. Even small factories require a system to avoid emergency repairs. With an LES Facility Service agreement in place your equipment and your data department will run without incident as LES Facility Service can also handle your telecommunications and alternative energy needs.

A Commercial Maintenance Company for the Entire Facility

Plumbing, electrical, landscaping, alternative energy, telecommunications, and construction needs are handled under one roof. LES Facility Service takes care of everything when you sign a maintenance agreement. If you require parking lot lighting maintenance, LES Facility does that as well. All will be taken care of when you call LES Facility Service, the only commercial maintenance company that does it all.

Maintenance Management You Can Afford

Think of it this way. If you have separate companies to handle your maintenance management, you are spending more time and money. More time away from production, and more time writing checks. Scheduling one day for the plumber and another for the electrical will cause problems for your facility. LES Facility Service will schedule your maintenance when needed with as little disruption as possible. Multiple days for multiple maintenance management mean more downtime for your business.

For the best commercial maintenance company, you will not do better than LES Facility Service. You will be safe and secure. LES Facility Service treats your business with the same care we give our own company.

Call for a no obligation commercial maintenance agreement from LES Facility Service today and keep your facility safe today.

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