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preventive maintenance program

A Preventive Maintenance Program that Saves

A preventive maintenance program doesn’t always cover your needs. If you have a commercial building that requires HVAC maintenance, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, and professional cleaning, it is doubtful that you will find all of those services with the same company. Even rarer would be a company that could handle your alternative energy, professional cleaning, and telecommunications needs. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., is that company. Because it pays to work with one company.

The Preventive Maintenance Program You Can Afford

It costs money to run a facility. Paying multiple companies to do your maintenance isn’t the smart way to do business; in fact, it could run you out of business. When you spend unnecessary time away from your job to deal with preventive maintenance, it will hurt you and your company.

Not only do you have payroll and insurance to contend with, but you also have to deal with ongoing maintenance for landscaping, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, painting, alternative energy, professional cleaning, and whatever else you need to run your business. Even filter changes require a schedule.

The Best Preventive Maintenance Program is Within Reach

Filter changes and professional cleaning are included in LES Facility Service maintenance plans. In fact, you can customize your preventive maintenance program to your needs. If you operate a rented space in a strip mall, it’s doubtful that you will need a landscaping service as the owner probably does that for you. However, if you need professional cleaning, telecommunications and electrical preventive maintenance programs, LES Facility Service is here to help.

Professional Cleaning and More

With the preventive maintenance program from LES Facility, there will be as little disruption as possible. As a result, you will be running like a finely oiled machine.

You can expect the best from LES Facility Service. Call for a no obligation preventive maintenance program quote for your facility today.

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